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Confidentiality Statement

  • The Local Public Health Institute of MA (LPHI) has access to your registration information and all learner records. The LPHI may use individual or aggregate data from learner records for purposes, related to but not limited to workforce assessments, performance management, and grant reporting related to public health workforce development.
  • The MA Department of Public Health (MDPH), the LPHI's funding agency, may request learner records to assess and evaluate public health workforce training. The LPHI will share only learner's name, job title, agency information, and titles of trainings completed upon request. Pre-test and post-test scores will not be shared. MDPH may share learner records with its vendors for the purposes of conducting evaluation or other duties on MDPH's behalf.
  • The LPHI may use quotes from training evaluations for reporting and marketing purposes. The authors of the quotes will not be identified without their permission.
  • Communications from the LPHI is sent to the email address provided with your registration.