CourseCredentialContact HoursJob Aid
Administrative Search WarrantsCHO, RS1Job Aid
Animal ControlCHO, RS1Job Aid
Body Art Programs for RegulatorsCHO, RS, RN1Job Aid
Coaching SkillsCHO, RS0.5Job Aid
Community Preparedness and RecoveryCHO, RS1.5Job Aid
Cyanobacteria and Harmful Algal BloomsCHO, RS and REHS/RS1Job Aid
Dealing with Stress in Disasters: Building Psychological ResilienceCHO, RS, RN1.5Job Aid
Designing Effective Infographics for Public HealthCHO1.5Job Aid
Drinking Water and Private Wells in MassachusettsCHO, RS, REHS/RS1Job Aid
Emergency Dispensing Site (EDS) Guidance and ManagementCHO, RN, RS1Job Aid
Essential Measures: A Local Public Health Toolkit for Addressing the Opioid EpidemicCHO, RN, RS and REHS/RS1Job Aid
Essentials of Data Visualization for Public HealthCHO,RS1.5Job Aid
Food Protection Programs for RegulatorsCHO, RS, RN2Job Aid
Food Safety for Food Establishment OperatorsCHO, RS2Job Aid
Grant Writing BasicsCHO, RS1.5Job Aid
Hazardous Materials and Waste in MassachusettsCHO, RS and REHS/RS1Job Aid
Health Promotion and Health EquityCHO, RS, RN1Job Aid
Holding Effective MeetingsCHO1Job Aid
How to Hold a Public Hearing in MassachusettsCHO, RS1Job Aid
Immunizations and Vaccine Management in MassachusettsCHO, RS, RN2Job Aid
Incident Command System and Public HealthCHO, RS, RN2Job Aid
Indoor Ice Skating Rink Programs for RegulatorsCHO, RS1Job Aid
Infectious Disease Case ManagementCHO, RS, RN1Job Aid
Isolation and QuarantineCHO, RS, RN2Job Aid
Marketing Public HealthCHO, RS1Job Aid
Medical or Biological Waste Programs for RegulatorsCHO, RS, RN1Job Aid
Nuisance Control - Abatement and RemovalCHO, RS, RN1Job Aid
Onboarding New EmployeesCHO, RS1Job Aid
Opioid Epidemic and Substance Use Disorder : A Primer for Massachusetts Boards of HealthCHO, RN, RS and REHS/RS2Job Aid
Opioid Epidemic and Substance Use Disorder : Local Public Health in ActionCHO, RN, RS and REHS/RS3Job Aid
Orientation to Local Public Health in MassachusettsCHO, RS, RN1Job Aid
Public Health Law and Legal Issues in MassachusettsCHO, RS, RN1Job Aid
Public Health Workforce ProtectionCHO, RS, RN1.5Job Aid
Recreational Camps for Children Programs for RegulatorsCHO, RS, RN1Job Aid
Recreational Waters: Bathing Beach Programs for RegulatorsCHO, RS, RN1Job Aid
Recreational Waters: Swimming PoolsCHO, RS, RN1Job Aid
Safety: Practical Strategies While Doing Field WorkCHO, RS, RN, REHS/RS1Job Aid
Sanitary Surveys for Variances A Special Bathing Beach TopicCHO, RS1Job Aid
Solid Waste and RecyclingCHO, RS and REHS/RS1Job Aid
Strategies for Funding Board of Health ProgramsCHO, RS1Job Aid
Surface Water SamplingCHO, RS and REHS/RS1Job Aid
Surveillance of Infectious DiseasesCHO, RS, RN1Job Aid
Sushi: A Special Food TopicCHO, RS, RN2Job Aid
Tanning Facilities For Regulators and OperatorsCHO, RS, RN1Job Aid
Temporary (Non-Permanent) Food Establishments: A Special Food TopicCHO, RS, REHS/RS1Job Aid
The 10 Essential Public Health Services in ActionCHO, RS, RN1.5Job Aid
Tickborne Disease Surveillance and PreventionCHO, RS, RN2Job Aid
Wastewater and Title 5CHO, RS, SE and SI, REHS/RS1Job Aid
What is Public Health?CHO, RN, RS1.5Job Aid