CourseCredentialContact Hours
Administrative Search WarrantsCHO, RS1
Coaching SkillsCHO, RS0.5
Designing Effective Infographics for Public HealthCHO1.5
Essentials of Data Visualization for Public HealthCHO,RS1.5
Grant Writing BasicsCHO, RS1.5
Health Promotion and Health EquityCHO, RS, RN1
Holding Effective MeetingsCHO1
How to Hold a Public Hearing in MassachusettsCHO, RS1
Incident Command System and Public HealthCHO, RS, RN2
Marketing Public HealthCHO, RS1
Onboarding New EmployeesCHO, RS1
Orientation to Local Public Health in MassachusettsCHO, RS, RN1
Public Health Law and Legal Issues in MassachusettsCHO, RS, RN1
Safety: Practical Strategies While Doing Field WorkCHO, RS, RN, REHS/RS1
Strategies for Funding Board of Health ProgramsCHO, RS1
The 10 Essential Public Health Services in ActionCHO, RS, RN1.5